4 years until going to school

Child Care Fee: $105.00 per week

imageThe charge for a child age 4 until he or she begins kindergarten is $105.00 per week. We do not accept part time or hourly children. All Children must be enrolled as full time. Each child will receive TWO FREE VACATION WEEK PER YEAR (or sick week and must be absent from the center for the full week), and afterwards the regular weekly fee of $105.00 will be charged no matter how many days the child is present in a week.

If the child is absent the entire week, the charge still remains the same after the free week has been used. This policy guarantees your child’s space. The FREE VACATION WEEK policy applies to children after they have been enrolled at A PLACE TO GROW for 3 months. Children are to bring their own lunch daily, and the daycare will provide morning and afternoon snacks and all drinks. Click here to read the vacation policy.

Registration Fee

Effective January 1, 2016 - REGISTRATION FEE: → $75.00 due at enrollment per child

Please note: There is no guarantee of enrollment of your child, unless the Registration Fee is PAID!


Also, there is a RE-REGISTRATION FEE each June 1st $75.00 per family!