Child Care Fees & Late "Pick - Ups"

imageRegarding Payments:

- Child care fees are due Monday - Wednesday for the week.
- There is a LATE CHARGE of $10.00 if paid after Friday for the current week.

RETURN CHECK POLICY: There is a $20.00 charge per check for “Returned Checks”. Once you have “bounced” two (2) checks, the daycare will no longer accept your checks. You must pay in CASH OR MONEY, and it must be PAID IN ADVANCE!



imageRegarding Late “Pick-Ups”:

- There is a $15.00 charge per child for every portion of 15 minutes if your child is picked up after we close at 6:30PM. After the 3rd time of you picking your child up late, we will dismiss the child from our center.


stockphotoThis is such a special time that we enjoy sharing with your child. Birthday’s are always celebrated during our regular snack period and if you plan on bringing in something special it must be cookies! Please NO CAKES OR CUPCAKES!!!! If you plan on brining in cookies, please let the office know, and please give us at least 1 day’s notice.

IMPORTANT: NO Clowns, ponies, presents, etc. –or- a large number of friends and relatives coming to the daycare to celebrate a birthday.


imageThere are more than enough toilets and sinks in all 3 buildings. Children must ask permission before being allowed to go to the restrooms. This way the teachers will know exactly where the children that she is responsible for are at. Only one child is allowed in the restroom (stall) at a time.


Children are never denied restroom privileges. Any child NOT using clean restroom manners, MUST HAVE A TEACHER ACCOMPANY HIM/HER UNTIL RESTROOM RULES ARE UNDERSTOOD.

Breakfast, Lunch & Snack

stockphotoBreakfast: This daycare does not provide breakfast, but we will prepare food brought from home for breakfast. Breakfast WILL NOT be served after 8:00AM for children age 1 year old and up –but- snack time begins at 8:30am and we will feed the child their breakfast at that time, while others are eating their morning snack.

Lunch: All children are required to bring a lunch daily. (There is a charge per child per day of $5.00 if we must provide a forgotten lunch).  Sandwiches, “Lunchables”, soup in a thermos, leftovers, are ideal meals, but to heat up lunches are impossible for children 2 years old.

Lunch Suggestions: Keep in mind that we DO NOT have refrigerator space to store lunch kits, lunch sacks, etc. when you prepare your child’s lunch for the day.

  1. Sandwiches: Peanut butter/jelly, cheese, etc. –OR- lunchables
  2. Soups, Ravioli, etc. can be heated and put into a thermos.
  3. Leftovers, chicken or pizza.
  4. Fruit & veggie pierces OR chunks of cheese, ham, bologna, and crackers.
  5. Hotdog wieners cut up and put in a thermos.
    (in other words…NO Coke’s , NO Sprite, NO Dr. Pepper, etc.)

Snacks: The daycare provides all morning and afternoon snacks and drinks. A snack menu is provided in the office on the bulletin board. Snacks vary from day to day and will consist of popcorn, ice cream, peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers, cupcakes, raisins, assorted cookies, etc. The children are welcome to eat any food left over in their lunch kits if they do not like what the daycare is serving. There is also a snack machine and a drink machine, but this is TOTALLY up to the parents.


imageWe are not responsible for pocket change (money) brought by children from home. When on field trips, please DO NOT send any extra money for drinks, games, etc. The daycare takes care of that and it is the same for all.