Please dress children comfortable for play. Please DO NOT dress children in their “Sunday Best”. We want them to have a good time with no restrictions because of clothing. We cannot be held responsible for rips & tears in clothing. Each child will be given a “cubbie” for his/her belongings with their name on it.

According to the Texas Child Care Minimum Standards, children must wear shoes at all times, except for rest time. FOR LIABILITY REASONS, WE DO NOT ALLOW FLIP-FLOPS, CROCKS, OR OPEN TOE/OPEN HEAL SANDALS. The children cannot run, jump, or play good in them. Children that wear any of the above shoes, will NOT be able to play with the other children, except when sitting on the floor or ground.

Caution: Children are NOT allowed to being any type of hand lotions, perfumes, make-up, or CHEWING GUM! These will NOT BE RETURNED, and will be discarded in the trash.