In the event that A Place to Grow Daycare would be forced to evacuate the premises of all children, we have prepared and “Emergency Preparedness Guide” to insure the safety of each child. Our plans will include:

  1. 911 would be called immediately for assistance
  2. Before leaving the facility, confirm attendance by conducting a ROLL CALL to ensure all children & staff are accounted for. The children will be transported in the A Place to Grow vans and buses.
  3. Designated safe are to be evacuated to: (1st are is between the daycare & the bridge)
    Primary Safe Area
    Pearland Junior High South
    4719 Bailey Road
    Alternate Safe Area
    Carleston Elementary
    3010 Harkey Road
  4. Alternate telephone numbers only for emergency if the daycare phones are down:
    713-504-7933   |   713-504-7934   |    713-504-7935
  5. It is highly important that each child’s file is up-to-date at all times. This must include:
    – Parent & emergency contact numbers for each child.
    – Authorization for emergency care for each child in care.

For Your Information:

  • This daycare center has a complete fire alarm system that immediately informs the fire department of any problem. We have state approved fire-extinguishers and emergency (battery back-up) lightings for power failures.
  • Fire drills are practiced each month. The children are able to safely exit the building within 3 minutes.
  • Severe weather drills are practiced once every 3 months.
  • Located by the entrance door of each classroom, there is a map of the floor plan of your child’s class, indicating two exit paths from each room, and where the children take shelter from threatening weather.
  • The daycare property has absolutely no natural lines buried on it.