Note: All bottles MUST come to daycare mixed and ready to use! We will refrigerate & heat according to parent instructions. The care givers will not prepare or mix powder or concentrated formula. This must be mixed by the parents PRIOR to coming to daycare!

A Place to Grow will supply the following:

  • An individual crib with a waterproof mattress covered by a clean crib sheet for each infant. (Ages birth until 18 months)
  • A highchair for babies that no longer require being held for feeding.
  • Bibs, blankets, and burp cloths.
  • A schedule each day of what kind of day your baby has had. We call it our “Tattle Sheet”.
  • A loving, mature staff member.

Parents must supply the following:

  • Disposable diapers – NO cloth allowed.
  • Wipes (container tagged with name).
  • Infant formula (or breast milk) and a diet that is approved by the parent in writing. We must also have feeding instructions, dated and signed by the parent, and updated as changes are made.
  • Bottles and containers (tagged with name), and ready to be used. We do not ever mix.
  • Extra clothing left in diaper bag (tagged with name).
  • Teething rings (tagged with name).